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Special thanks to the following folks:

Thanks to my wonderfulll Mods for all you do
and all you are!!! :
❥ Hamzazik92
❥ JamesCasse
❥ pink_wizard336
❥ PeterTheModdingMod
❥ JonaTheBotMod

Thank you @SandyRay for hosting our monthly MovieNights and for providing us with the supercute little fishies in our fishbowl!!

Thanks to @himachan for my superadorable first mermotes!! 
Thank you @artinjest for the blopemote as a raiddoodle !!

Thank you @danielleallard for the many chances to be part of Dino Streamfest!!
Thank you to everyone who invited me to be part of their Charity Raidtrain events!!!

Special thanks to everyone who has helped me in the past, mod, stream & techwise!!! I have only been able to grow thanks to all of your guidance, you know who you are!!! ♡♡♡

Thanks as well to everyone who has been in my stream, supported in any kind of way to charity, to me personally to improve the gear & to everyone who joins in stream regularly appreciating the music with lurks, hosts & your presence in chat!! ♡♡♡

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