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- Share social media posts, livestreams, covers and original music!

- Talk about their content to your friends, family and (online) surroundings

- Like, retweet, comment & share! 

- Stream the music on all the platforms (YouTube, Tiktok, Itunes, Spotify, ... )

Wanna show support for your

favorite content creators for free?

Donations are never required,
but if you decide to support financially:

Your donation will always go to improving the stream, creating more content, supporting other creators or charities. No amount is ever required for the general content, if you do wanna support financially, any amount is always helpful and greatly appreciated!

We are now on Throne as well! 
(Again: Don't ever feel pressured to buy or send me stufff! Your presence in stream is already so much more than I could wish for!! If you really do want to  you can send stuff through Throne or to my P.O. Box, see contact) 

We could upgrade these items thanks to your support:

  • Decent streamingcomputerbuild for streaming with mixer and new interface!

  • New piano after the oldone broke down + Looper for learning looping

  • Decent mic-setup + arm so I don’t bump it all the time

  • Electric guitar + Line pod 6 and so much more

Next upgrade:

Ableton Live Suite for recording, mixing & mastering what's next

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