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Here you can find all achievements we reached on stream and all milestones we celebrated along the way as a bit of a milestone diary!! 

Januari 2020

Restarted streaming on Twitch!

May 10th 2020

We reached affiliate on Twitch thanks to all the lovely friends who visited stream regularly and  all the amazing folks that decided following was a good idea!! Thank you to everyone who decided to come back and stick around! I love you all from the bottom of my heart and can't say thank you enough!! Thank you for all the support ever since!! 

December 4th

We reached our first 200 followers! How is this less than 2 years ago?

February 14th

We had our first hypetrain on Twitch! Thank you so so so much @SandyRay (A wonderful musicstream btw!) For those first Tensies in my streamingcarreer & everyone else for all your constant support!!! 💙

March 3th

Thank you for our first Level 5 Hypetrain @MorningMusume11 & Everyone else who has been supporting ever since!!! YOU ALL CRAZY!!! THANK YOU!!! ♡

August 30th 2021

Joined in in my first DINO STREAMFEST (the 5th one ) organised by @danielleallard and her mods!!! We also had our Second AND Thirth Level 5 Hypetrain in that Dinosaur Streamfest and thanks to all the dino's were able to get our first real upgrades for our streamsetup!! 

May 2021

We reached 400 followers! How is this less than 2 years ago?

July 28th 2021

My piano had broken down  & we decided to organise a pianothon to replace it! This was our first ever Subathon and our first 12 hour stream!! We didn't only replace the piano, but we also got a Loopingstation that made it possible for me to start learing how to loop!!! YOU ALL ARE CRAZY SUPPORTIVE AND I AM FOREVER GRATEFUL!!! (Also, the DIY-gifts are slowly making it's way to you!! I promise you'll get them very soon!!!!) 💙

July 31st

We reached 400 followers! How is this less than 2 years ago?

September 8th 2021

Twitch achievement of 250 viewers watching the stream at the same time.
Thank you @Matu for the raid and @st_jimmy_rip for including me in the fundraiser!

September 14th 2021

 Twitch achievement of average of 15 Merfolks watching at the same time!

September 23th 2021

Reached 100 days of video's a day on Tiktok

September 25th 2021

First Lvl 5 1500% hypetrain....O_O Thank you @Archaic_ZA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

September 26th 2022

We reached 1K Followers on Twitch...  NO WORDS!!!!! THANK YOU ALL FOR YOUR AMAZING SUPPORT AND LOVELYNESS!!!! <3 O_O 

October 30th - 31st 2022

Ko-fi-subathon  for producing & releasing our FIRST EVER EP!!! 

December 31st 2022

"What-Ifs & Enchantments " DEBUT EP Release on Bandcamp!! 

February 27th 2023

Release of the DEBUT EP on ALL the platforms, with a big Release Party on Twitch!! 







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