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Goals & Future talks

Here you can find all goals and future plans we're working towards!! 


❥ IntroductionVideo
❥ Eventstreams on special occasions
❥Minimal 2 Musicstreams: Now Monday & Saturday! 
❥ 1.5k followers before my Birthday 2024!
❥ Getting more confident in myself day by day!


❥ Writing a bunch of original songs
❥ Learning ableton & producing my songs in a professional manner and putting them out

❥ Creating more songs and eventually an an EP: Releasing our FIRST EVER EP by december - januari + following up with music video's & an introduction to another MerTale!! 

Social Media:

❥ Putting out weekly video's on YouTube
❥(Lyrics)Video's on YouTube

❥ Rebranding to 1 theme everywhere

❥ Special events on discord ( movienights, karaoke nights, ...) , maybe one day some merch, ....


❥ Decent gaming computer: Check! (since 09/11/2020)

❥ Decent mic and cam  (since 01/02/2021 & 05/02/2022 )

❥  Interface for mic, guitar, piano: Check (since 01/2021)

❥  Electric guitar (Check!) and bass guitar

❥  Music Desk for piano en music equipement

❥  Stand for guitar while streaming (Check!)

❥  DAW for making DIY production a possibility

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