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Singer-Songwriter | Online Performing Artist

Jazzyke is an online Performing Artist, mermaid, singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist & digital artist who livestreams over on Twitch twice a week, on mondays & saturdays, streaming original & cover music on the spot for an audience with nationalities from all around the world. 

Since the 30th of december 2022, she has released her first EP on bandcamp, with hopefully many more to follow. This project came to be in co-production with people from all around the world from Canada to arabic speaking countries. 

Since the start in March 2020, she's been part of many online charity events, online music festivals & online community events. 

A Bit About Me (Still to make - Different lenghts  + Fotoshoot for professional photo's)

Debut EP:

Spoken Intro ~ What-Ifs & Enchantments (Part I)~ Jazzyke
00:00 / 02:39
Home (Radio Edit) Jazzyke
00:00 / 03:47
The Other Side (Of The World) (Radio Edit)Jazzyke
00:00 / 04:01
Fall Back (Radio Edit)Jazzyke
00:00 / 04:05

Featuring Dan Tremblay, Mouad Violin & James Casse

Special mentions

Blogs, Interviews & Appearances

10FROM10 Feature

Sang & Co-produced 'Cursed/Gaslight' on Danielle Allards Cover Album

First Live Gig with @HannahRebekahMusic, @TylerAlexisMusic & @AubrynMusic at the Kuub in Mechelen. 

March 8th 2021: Feature in the 10FROM10 Blogpost about Twitch Music Streamers

Unite with exceptional Online Creators, Music Streamers, producers & Artists of all kinds, generating a Cover Album of Danielle Allards original songs. Performers and artists including JerfoTheMusicAddict, Courtnay, LJPMusic, Jawmsie, Greyschale, Artinjest and so many more. 


Online Festivals & (Charity) Events

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